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60 Day Lifestyle Reset

                  (This Program will be released again in 2018)

Are you tired from taking care of everyone else but not taking care of yourself? Have you let your nutrition slip through the cracks? Are you sneaking in cookies late at night due to stress? Do you have no idea how to manage all your stress and can’t even fit in a workout? Do you not like what you see in the mirror anymore? Take your life back and take care of you!! Be a better version of you! Join my 60 day Program to a healthier lifestyle. I will give you the tools I’ve learned through my own weight loss journey, my road to the fitness stage and my five years as a personal trainer to women. It is not selfish to take care of “you”! Let me say that again . . . it is not selfish to take care of you! We will be covering the following topics:

BALANCED NUTRITION/MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES: Healthy recipes, guidelines for journaling your food, nutrition guide, meal planning, grocery list.

FITNESS: Workouts (for all levels of fitness), instructional videos, and informational discussions regarding exercise.

HYDRATION: What are you drinking?

WORK LIFE/BALANCE: How to get it all done while making yourself a priority.

STRESS MANAGEMENT/EMBRACING YOUR SPIRIT: Introduction to meditation and other resources to manage your stress. Find your zen!

NURTURING POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Focusing on the positive and releasing the negative.

BREAKING BARRIERS: What has been holding you back?

SETTING GOALS: Find the best ways “for you” to achieve your goals.

FEELING FABULOUS ABOUT BEING YOU: Self care and “being the best you”.

This 60 day program will also include:

  • a private Facebook community page 
  • Weekly Facebook Lives from me – Zoom Calls (with all members) 
  • One 20-minute one-on-one check in phone call with me 
  • workout videos 
  • video with me on meal prepping 
  • a guest speaker 
  • group support and accountability . . . and so much more!



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