Three Months & Counting . . .

Tomorrow is February 1st which means three more months till my 50th birthday.  Recently when I mention I’m turning 50, older people will say “oh you are just a baby” and after being annoyed for a few seconds, my thought is I don’t think they felt that way when they turned fifty.   Once we […]

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Give the gift of “Health” this Holiday Season!  If you don’t know what to give your spouse this holiday and she is always saying she wants to “get back in shape” – why not give her a gift certificate for Personal Training.  I take a one-on-one personal approach to training my clients.  I provide the […]

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Fun Times at the Barre

As a Barre, Pilates and Fitness Instructor, I still like to take classes at other studios for various reasons – sometimes it will give me great ideas for my classes, other times I can take note of the cues other instructors give that resonate with me and it humbles me.  Rather than barking out orders […]

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Friendship is Good for the Soul

As I huffed and puffed on the stairclimber on a Monday morning, I reflected on my weekend – not on my overindulgence of food and wine but on friendship. I had just spent a weekend with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We have been friends for close to thirty years and every time […]

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My Arsenal of Books

I will confess that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to books that specialize in nutrition, beauty and/or exercise.  Oh yes, and who can forget “self-help” books.  I collect those too . . .  because there is always need for self improvement!  I also need to order a hard copy of […]

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