I was first introduced to Isagenix when training for my first fitness competition in 2011.  Training for a show, required me to strictly follow a clean diet and to eat five or six times a day. It is very time consuming to prepare six meals a day.  Most fitness competitors supplement one of their meals with a protein shake.  Protein is vital for muscle recovery for people of all athletic levels – whether you are bodybuilder, professional athlete or recreational exerciser.  Your muscles need to be recharged through protein.  It helps you see muscle gains and feel less muscle soreness.  I have a very hard time gaining muscle and I credit Isagenix to my muscle gains.

I have tried various shakes through the last several years  . . . and, yes, I was skeptical to try yet another protein shake when I was first introduced to Isagenix.  However, some of the best coaches, personal trainers and fitness competitors in the fitness industry have recommended and use Isagenix.  I have found that Isagenix is by far the best protein shake out there for me – even seven years later.  It agrees well with my stomach and the chocolate shake helps with my sweet tooth and my love of chocolate.  Also, it is very convenient when I’m on the run to go teach classes or train clients.

Through the last seven years, I have incorporated the Isagenix products into my lifestyle and my family household.  My mother, husband and daughter all use the products.  I have had several clients and friends have weight-loss success using the Isagenix products by incorporating them into their daily routine.  As an added bonus, many people gain excess energy!  Isagenix is the perfect solution for a busy and healthy lifestyle.  No matter your age or your goals, there is an Isagenix program for you!

Please click below to be taken to my Isagenix webpage to further explore all the high quality products that Isagenix offers. If you have any questions or need help with purchasing a product, please contact me to set up a complimentary consultation.

Additionally, Isagenix offers me the ability to supplement my income. I am always looking for ambitious people who are looking for financial freedom to join my team.



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