Personal Training

Workout sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. You can meet with me 1x a week or 2x a week. For optimum results, I suggest 2x a week if your schedule permits.

4  SESSIONS ($35.00 per session) $140.00                 (Expires in 8 weeks)

8  SESSIONS ($33.25 per session) $266.00                 (Expires in 12 weeks)

12 SESSIONS ($30.92 per session) $371.04                (Expires in 16 weeks)

18 SESSIONS ($27.83 per session) $500.94                (Expires in 20 weeks)

Your sessions include access to my personal phone. I answer texts within 24 hours with any questions you may have. I also can assist with diet and nutrition. I do not claim to be a nutritionist but am knowledgeable as to what works in regard to diet and exercise. I also use and sell Isagenix weight loss nutritional products and highly encourage my clients to use the products in their fitness journey. However, it is not a requirement to work with me. I stand by “clean eating” in order to aid in weight loss as well and can teach you the proper way to incorporate that into your diet with no drastic measures. I do not believe in severe dieting or cutting food groups out of your diet.

I like to think that I help people through their fitness journey by providing them the tools and knowledge to make healthier choices as well as provide emotional support and encouragement as well. I strive to make our workouts challenging and help you gain strength and mobility. I will also provide you with at-home workouts at request once we have worked together for a significant period of time so I am comfortable with your ability to perform exercises correctly at home.  I’ve also recently created a “members only” section to my site where you can access handouts regarding clean eating, workout videos created by me and other pertinent information.   All of these services are included in your package

If you would like to set up an appointment with me, go to my on-line scheduler or contact me at 203-494-9259

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