Sharon C.

Working out with Kelly has been wonderful!  I’ve seen great improvement in my stamina & mobility.  Her workouts are great at toning the whole body!  Kelly is also very helpful with nutrition suggestions and health overall!  

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Testimonials for Kelly Loftus Lifestyle

What are people saying about 60 Day Reset (An On-Line Program)? View participants comments: I liked the daily posts and looked forward to them. Loved the meal ideas and recommendations on calorie intake for the meals.  – Lori  I love the arm & leg exercises. Easy to follow & going forward, I would imagine I’ll […]

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I have known Kelly for a long time. We worked together in the mid-80’s and re-connected on Facebook a few years ago. I was intrigued by the photos that she was posting about fitness and her workout sessions. I had been walking 10,000 steps a day using my FitBit for tracking and also using work […]

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I started working with Kelly, owner of Fit Impressions, and have only great things to say. I’m in my sixties and hired Kelly to improve my mobility.  Kelly exceeded my expectations!  She is professional, knowledgeable, patient and supportive.  Best of all, Kelly was able to create a program tailored to my needs.  I highly recommend […]

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I have struggled with my weight as I have gotten older. Kelly gave me the guidance and structure that I was missing in my workout routine. It was amazing to see as I began to eat “clean” and used Kelly’s exercise routines (resistive and cardio exercises) how the weight and inches began coming off. Working out […]

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Kelly has inspired me to change my life positively. She has encouraged me to become more active and want to live a healthy lifestyle. During our training sessions she would keep me motivated by encouraging me and keeping me focused (it helps when your trainer is in extremely good shape!). We always have great conversations that help the […]

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