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What are people saying about 60 Day Reset (An On-Line Program)? View participants comments:

I liked the daily posts and looked forward to them. Loved the meal ideas and recommendations on calorie intake for the meals.  – Lori 

I love the arm & leg exercises. Easy to follow & going forward, I would imagine I’ll see results.   – Ginny 

All of the visual workouts and positive reinforcement. I’m a visual learner so this was great for me! Lynne 

The workouts were great and they worked the entire body!  – Jackie

The workouts and food tips were awesome; it’s great to have information given in a way that it isn’t overwhelming, and we can try it out and process each bit before the next comes along. Most other programs just dump everything on you in the first day or week, and its too much to process, so you end up giving up. This program was just right.  – Zoe

The instructor’s smiling face! The topics were very informative and helpful for everyday living. Loved the workouts, healthy food/recipe suggestions… all of it!   Mona 

Being able to follow the program at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Kelly is very knowledgeable about health and fitness!    – Donna 

The information about nutrition was very helpful and the workouts were a nice addition.      – Jen 


Testimonials for Kelly Loftus Lifestyle

What Are People Saying About Me!


I have known Kelly for a long time. We worked together in the mid-80’s and re-connected on Facebook a few years ago. I was intrigued by the photos that she was posting about fitness and her workout sessions. I had been walking 10,000 steps a day using my FitBit for tracking and also using work out apps. When I asked her about whether I would be able to participate due to my injuries and being out of shape, she assured me that I would do fine and that she would modify the movements.   My first workout I was very worried…wondering if I was going to “fit in” with the other ladies, which I was sure in my mind would be in Jillian Michaels shape. Although I did not have the flexibility that some of the ladies had, I was able to “keep up” especially with Kelly’s modifications. (I was also very happy to see her again after 20+ years!) I kept up with workouts and during the Christmas break I continued with my walking and found a few workouts on YouTube to do over the break and returned to Kelly in the Spring.   Kelly is a natural at this.   She is very kind and very supportive. She is a great listener.  She will push you, but not in a way that puts you off.  She was always cognizant of my injuries and modified the exercises. My strength, endurance and flexibility improved under her coaching. She is very knowledgeable and continually educates herself.


I started working with Kelly, owner of Fit Impressions, and have only great things to say. I’m in my sixties and hired Kelly to improve my mobility.  Kelly exceeded my expectations!  She is professional, knowledgeable, patient and supportive.  Best of all, Kelly was able to create a program tailored to my needs.  I highly recommend Fit Impressions!


I have struggled with my weight as I have gotten older. Kelly gave me the guidance and structure that I was missing in my workout routine. It was amazing to see as I began to eat “clean” and used Kelly’s exercise routines (resistive and cardio exercises) how the weight and inches began coming off. Working out with Kelly has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to our training sessions. She is encouraging and pushes you to get the most out of training. I look and feel 10 years younger.  As Kelly and I have discussed many times, I am making a change in my life towards a healthier me, one step at a time. Kelly has been a great partner on my journey to better health and would recommend her to my friends and family.


Kelly has inspired me to change my life positively. She has encouraged me to become more active and want to live a healthy lifestyle. During our training sessions she would keep me motivated by encouraging me and keeping me focused (it helps when your trainer is in extremely good shape!). We always have great conversations that help the time pass and make me work harder. Her workouts would never be the same, which kept me on my toes the entire time.  At the end, I am always sweating and exhausted but feel like I accomplished a huge feat. Kelly has given me the confidence to continue to workout on my own, when she is not with me and be successful. 

Kelly has introduced me to clean eating and has given me the tools I need to become successful. She is very knowledgeable and is always available to help with questions on diet and/or exercise (and I had a lot of questions). She put me at ease and has helped me become confident in my new lifestyle. 

Overall, Kelly is an amazing trainer who has changed my life and helped me become healthy. She makes you work hard and gives you amazing results!


I began my journey with hope but also a lack of confidence – as I think most women do. The thoughts that “its just too hard” or “I don’t have time” or “I’m just too tired” were prominent in my mind.  The thought of exercising after a long day at work and running the kids was so unappealing compared to sitting on the couch (with ice cream perhaps?)   I soon learned that, as with all good things in life, you need to want it.  You must understand and accept that in order to improve your current state of well-being you need to change and not be indignant about it.

Once I started eating better, eliminating the unhealthy foods, and really understanding what I was putting into my body, I felt better.  Once I started feeling better, I slept better. Once I slept better, well I’m not good at equations – but it’s pretty easy to determine – I had more energy.  More energy allows for less couch time and room (and dare I say an appetite) for exercise.   Suddenly the scale is not an enemy, but a challenge, one met with some excitement as you see results.  You find shopping for new clothes is not with resignation, but with enthusiasm as you learn you can peruse a different rack with a size you only looked at before and did not believe you could even try one, let alone fit in to.

 You cannot begin this path, unless and until you want it and are not angry about the work you need to put into it. Is it hard? Yes, but not impossible.   We live in a grab n’ go / fast / drive-thru / instant – food society.  Unfortunately, it’s more expensive to eat healthy than it is to eat fast – but healthy is the better investment.  I am a mom, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a coach, an employee, a volunteer and more.  All of those descriptions of me lend to giving a piece of myself  –gladly – but it’s a lot of Me to go around.  When you come to the realization that you need to invest in yourself, it’s a defining moment.  Another added benefit – when you embrace better nutrition and more exercise -and make it a habit and not a New Years Resolution – your family benefits as well as they too follow the example you are setting.  Suddenly your household is reaping the rewards  and everyone is seeing advantages.  As I see another birthday come and go – it is with pride that I can say I feel better than I did a year younger;  I am a few sizes  smaller than I was five years past; and, I feel more energetic and proud of my body than I did a decade ago.

Kelly uses her education, personal knowledge and experiences to teach you to embrace and want something better for yourself.  She shares her journey and creates a path for each of her clients individually – incorporating hard work, support, and an “own it” mentality. Kelly gives you the tools, the guidance, the encouragement you need to have pride in yourself – and more importantly, she leads by example and practices what she teaches – always sharing new ideas and innovative ways to not only reach your goals, but to maintain them.   Kelly does not take you on a weight loss journey – as journeys end – she introduces you to a healthy lifestyle.